Voyageur's Hudson Bay Expedition
Voyageur's Hudson Bay Expedition

Lake Superior to Hudson Bay Itinerary

There will be many factors that affect the pace at which we travel but the itinerary below is our best guess. The blog will provide up to date information about our progress.

Expedition progress:

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May 23rd
Leave Grand Portage

May 28th
American Point Saganaga Lake

May 29th
Enter Quetico at Cache Bay

June 5th
Lac La Croix

June 7th
Crane lake

June 11th
International Falls

June 15th
Lake of the Woods near Baudette

June 21st
End of Lake of the Woods/ town of Kenora

June 22nd
Start Winnipeg River

June 25th
Enter Manitoba on the Winnipeg River

June 27th
Pinawa Manitoba

June 28th
Lac Du Bonnet

June 30th
Fort Alexander

July 1st
Start paddling Lake Winnipeg

July 2nd
Black river Indian Reservation

July 3rd
Hole or Hollow water

July 5th
Loon Straits

July 6th
Bloodvein River, lake open up to bigger water

July 9th
Berens River

July 12th
Poplar River

July 14th
Warrens landing/start Playgreen lake

July 15th
Norway House

July 16th
Hayes River to Echimamish River

July 17th
Hairy Lake

July 19th
Robinson Lake via Echimanish meets with Hayes a mile or so before lake

July 22nd
Height of land portage, start Gods Lake drainage

July 26th
Enter God's lake

July 27th
Gods Lake Narrows

August 1th
Gods River

August 7th
Gods River meets the Hayes

August 8th
York Factory, Hudson Bay- Last day of trip, spend the night fenced in at York factory

August 10th
Charter a plane to Gilliam

August 12th
Board train to Winnipeg

August 13th
Picked up in Winnipeg

August 14th
Party at VCO

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As long as there are young men with the light of adventure in their eyes or a touch of wilderness in their souls, rapids will be run.—Sigurd F. Olson

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Voyageur's Hudson Bay Expedition