Voyageur's Hudson Bay Expedition
Voyageur's Hudson Bay Expedition

"I know now as men accept the time clock of the wilderness, their lives become entirely different. It is one of the great compensations of primitive experience, and when one finally reaches the point where days are governed by daylight and dark...where one eats if hungry and sleeps when tired... when one finally arrives at the point where schedules are forgotten... and becomes completely immersed in the ancient rhythms, then one begins to live."—Sigurd F. Olson

It is the type of life Sigurd F. Olson writes about the Voyageurs of the Hudson Bay Expedition are seeking on their journey from Lake Superior to Hudson Bay. Where they leave the real world behind and enter one dominated by towering pine trees and wilderness lakes.

Voyageur Hudson Bay Expedition

There aren't too many modern day Voyageurs that exist in this time of technology. Most young individuals wouldn't consider leaving their cell phone behind for a day but these Voyageurs of the Hudson Bay Expedition are willing to leave it behind for almost three months. Voyageur is the French word for traveler, but during the Fur Trade Era it described a group of men who paddled and portaged the canoe country for a minimum of 14 hours a day. Their strength and endurance was legendary as they could paddle 55 strokes a minute and carry two packs weighing 90 pounds each across portages.

The Voyageur Hudson Bay Expedition Crew consists of four strong, adventurous and woods wise young men. They are ready to challenge themselves and grow during the over 1400 mile journey from Lake Superior to Hudson Bay.

They make this journey to celebrate 50 years of promoting wilderness trips with the hope other young men and women will follow in their footsteps and strokes of their paddles on their own voyage into the wilderness.

The mission of the Voyageurs Hudson Bay Expedition is to promote the continued protection of the scenic waterways of Minnesota and Canada through experience, education, and outreach. The objectives of the expedition include: draw attention to continuing support to preserving and restoring the rivers, lakes, and streams along the historic fur-trade route; provide educational opportunities about wilderness adventure, fur-trade history, and environmental stewardship; and celebrate the cultural and environmental diversity of the Lake Superior and Hudson Bay watersheds.

Voyageur Canoe Outfitters is a Proud Partner of the Voyageur's Hudson Bay Expedition

As long as there are young men with the light of adventure in their eyes or a touch of wilderness in their souls, rapids will be run.—Sigurd F. Olson

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Voyageur's Hudson Bay Expedition